Soviet Life Hacks



"Are you taking care of your breasts? Temper your nipples with cold water daily." 
"Don't drink methylated spirits! Methylated (wood) spirit is a dangerous poison. It resembles drinking alcohol by taste and smell, but only a small glass of it is enough to blind or even kill. Nothing can counteract methylated spirit - it is designed only for technical purposes. Warn your comrades!"
“On vacation with the whole family!"
"Demand a full serving of beer! Up to the line - 0.5L"


"Don't blab!"

"Citizens of the USSR have the right to rest"


"If you want to be like this- train!"

"If you don't read books, you will soon forget how to read and write" 

"Field work does not wait!"

"Foreign spies are on a strenuous hunt for drinkers. What a sober man has in his mind,the drunk one has on his tongue."


"Shame! Got drunk, swore, smashed a little tree, and now he's ashamed to look people in the face."