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1920's-30's Children's Illustrated Book Set 'Living Machines'


This set consists of 6 lightweight full-colour illustrated Soviet children's books from the 1920s and 30s, focused around the theme of transportation.

These are exact reprints of the original Soviet editions. 

The heroes of these books are cars and ships, tanks and submarines, airplanes and airships. 

Full list of included books:

1. "Warships"

2. "Automobile" 

3. "Racing On The Water"

4. "Airplane"


6. "Airmen"

The beautifully detailed illustrations in these books were made by Vladimir Tambi - draughtsman, lithographer & book designer, born in St Petersburg in 1906.

Tambi worked at an experimental studio of lithography at the Union of Artists and under Vladimir Lebedev at the State Publishing House (1930s). and designed for Fighting Pencil (1941). He was later artistic editor of the State Publishing House of Estonia (1944–46). 


 Please note that the text in these books is entirely in Russian!


Orders will be shipped out in December 2017. Delivery takes on average 8 days within the EU and 2 weeks to North America & other countries. 




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