Rare 1950's Soviet New Year Tree 'Corn' Ornament
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 Authentic glass New Year tree ornament!

*ONE ornament (piece of corn) available.

Length: 12,5 см

In the 1950's, Nikita Khrushchev (leader of USSR at the time) touted the expansion of corn cultivation as a solution to the livestock problem. “There will be no communism if our country has as much metal and cement as you like but meat and grain are in short supply,” he remarked in early 1954.

To increase the supply of meat, Khrushchev sought at every opportunity to popularize corn as a fodder crop (including the appearance of these ornaments as an element of holiday decorations...)

Seed corn was imported from the United States, a corn research institute was established in Ukraine, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a new scientific journal entitled Corn, a Corn Pavilion was opened at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, and sown acreage of corn rose from 4.3 million hectares in 1954 to 18 million hectares in 1955. 

Please note that this is an original vintage item. It is in excellent condition (please see photos). There is a minor chip on the tube (see photo), visible under the ornament holder.

Only one in stock.