PRE-ORDER: Budyonovka Red Army Hat
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Update (24.09): Orders placed within the next 2 weeks will be shipped out in mid-October 2017.   

The Budyonovka is a distinctive type of hat that was an essential part of the Communist uniform of the Russian Civil War and later conflicts. Its official name was the "broadcloth helmet" (шлем суконный). 

This remarkably accurate (and comfortable!) replica is one-size-fits-all: it is crafted from authentic Soviet army broadcloth, is soft to touch, and is a great source of warmth and comfort in chilly weather.

The hat has two ear flaps which cover the ears and neck from either side, and can also be folded under the chin in especially harsh Siberian winters.

- Produced & packaged in Moscow, Russia.

***Please note that the Nevalyashka doll is not included with this hat.