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Cheburashka & Friends Hand-Painted Nesting Doll



- Beautiful nesting doll set comprised of Cheburashka and his friends.

Cheburashka is an iconic Soviet classic cartoon/book characterAccording to the creator of the character, Eduard Uspensky (1965), Cheburashka is an "animal unknown to science", with large monkey-like ears and a body resembling that of a cub, who lives in a tropical forest. He accidentally gets into a crate of oranges, eats his fill, and falls asleep. The crate is eventually delivered to a grocery store in an unnamed Russian city,where the rest of the main story unfolds.

5 Characters in the set:


- Cheburashka himself

- His friend Gena the Crocodile, a 50-year-old young Crocodile

- His other friend Chander the Lion

-  Old Lady Shapoklyak, named after ancient opera hat “shapoklyak,” from French chapeau claque, the main antagonist in the story. A tall and lean old woman, she “collects evil and bad deeds” claiming “good acts will never make you famous.”

- Shapoklyak's best friend - ugly rat named Lariska who she keeps in her handbag.


- Please note that these dolls are painted by hand, so there may be minor variations in face expressions, etc.




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