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Walking Vinni Pukh



"The Soviet Winnie the Pooh, Vinni Pukh, looks like he has seen some awful things he will never forget." 

 @wallaceme // Twitter 


- Unique self-walking toy modelled on the Soviet version of Winnie-the Pooh - Vinni Pukh (Винни Пух).

- Made in Saint Petersburg - only 7 in stock

- No need for batteries or wind-up mechanism: the bear walks when placed on any smooth surface with a slight inclination, using the force of gravity

- To initiate the walk, give it a gentle sideways push. After you push the bear gently on the side it will start swinging from left to the right and walking on the surface. Once the bear starts wobbling, it will pick up momentum and starts moving as long as your surface is not perfectly even. The ideal angle is about 2-5 degrees. 

- The bear can walk both forward and backwards depending on how you place it on the surface. 

- The toy is made of moulded plastic. Approximate size: 3”X 5”.

- Delivered in a box with protective filling.

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